Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rivers in the Desert...

After months of dry weather and burn warnings, we're finally seeing some mysterious droplets fall from the sky. I'm told they're called rain. Honestly, we're all so happy to see signs of summer coupled with some moisture that there's no complaining about the cold and wind.

The Ranch has felt dry of late. We've been finding our feet after a time of change and the atmosphere has been much like walking through a desert to the promised land on the other side. Staff members are learning and relearning their duties, duties and responsibilities are being reorganized, and leadership among house parents is emerging. We're nearing the end of our trek and we are beginning to see signs of Eden approaching---just in time for more change.

It's always been somewhat of a frustration to me that God doesn't reveal more of the future to us, but in the last three months, I've come to thank Him every day for keeping me on a "need to know" basis. That has been a mercy and a lesson in trusting Him.

God has shown Himself to be utterly faithful in watering where water is needed and in cutting back dead wood in the interest of future growth. What an incredible God we serve!

And so, today's rain holds particular significance for Triangle Cross Ranch. I believe that each dry step through our desert of change has brought us to this day of hope and freshness. I believe we're on our way to a new future, even though that future is still hidden in the clouds that are watering our staleness right now. A sense of expectation is here today because we know that clarity comes when the clouds part.

This is my prayer for you today. May your clouds part and allow the Father to bring freshness, clarity and new growth. Because you've aligned yourself with Triangle Cross Ranch, our futures are entangled. Let's move on together to a brighter and better day!

Come on out and visit us anytime. We're always glad to see you!

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