Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Rancher of the Month

Meet Greg**. Greg has been a Rancher for nearly 16 years. He comes to us from the great state of Kansas and a farming family. He served in the army and the navy, until an event brought him to us.
Greg is a kind and well-mannered person. He respects the space and privacy of others. Quiet and unassuming, he never pushes himself to the forefront, but lets others have priority.
If Greg knows you, he will come across the room to greet you, no matter where you are. He is an expert in giving "side hugs" that respect a person's personal space. He loves to talk about his experiences in the military and his life in Kansas prior to coming to the Ranch. Greg is a terrible tease, and can cause a stir when he's in the mood to do so. He enjoys church and social events, although his preference is to spend time in his room with his extensive collection of action movies and metal music. Game nights have been a struggle for Greg, but he's learning to take the winning and losing in stride and just enjoy the time with his friends.
Perhaps the very best thing Greg does is keep a neat and clean bedroom. His room is not just neat--it's immaculate. A place for everything and everything in its place. That's Greg. We suppose that comes from serving in the military for a number of years, but regardless, part of Greg's comfort zone is a clean living space.

Greg has learned to enjoy activities on the Ranch. He has always been cooperative and helpful, but enjoying the time has been a learning process. His favorite activity is sewing hand made felt into bags and boot liners. The work is done by hand and it's taken time for him to learn, but he does beautiful work and is very proud of his finished products. He is in charge of running the picker in our fiber workshop and is very careful to follow the rules when he does so.

Of all the things Greg loves, pizza and Old Chicago and Pepsi are his favorite. He looks forward to his mother's visits so they can go out together and enjoy an "Old Chicago #7."
Greg's father passed away several years ago and since then, he and his mother have formed a closer bond. He depends on his mother's weekly phone call and marks the time until it comes. He is no different than any other Rancher in that respect. They all crave attention and communication with their families and friends outside the Ranch.

Even though Greg needs his mother's attention and looks forward to visits with his family, he is always ready to come "home" to the Ranch. Greg has found his footing and has made a home here.

Just like every Rancher, Greg is absolutely....

....bursting with abilities, capabilities and possibilities!!!!
**Triangle Cross Ranch does not use our Rancher's real name in public posts.