Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feed Ten

Facebook is a new frontier for someone my age. It's been a journey figuring out how to connect with people in cyberspace and how to follow all of the unwritten rules and courtesies that people expect.

Today, however, Facebook paid off for me. I read a quote from Mother Teresa that was posted by a friend of the Ranch. It's changing my life--really. It is changing my life. Here it is.

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one."

Wow. I know it's probably not as awe inspiring as I made it out to be, but just for a moment, I want to put that in the context of Triangle Cross Ranch.

I have been struggling to find money to fund the Ranch. I've contacted businesses, churches, foundations, you name it, and have been told that we just aren't inclusive enough. We don't meet the needs of a large population and, apparently, most organizations want to be connected with an agency that serves hundreds and thousands of people.

Enter this quote.

Triangle Cross Ranch currently serves 10 adults with intellectual disabilities. Ten. Period. I've struggled with this and given it over to God many times, but the bottom line is, we serve 10 people at this time. So, yeah, why would someone give us money?

Well, let me tell you. Broad agencies can provide some basic things, but they cannot do what the Ranch does. The Ranch provides deep and focused service to a small number of people. Our influence in the lives of our 10 Ranchers is lifelong and all inclusive. We consider the basic physical needs, emotional well being, safety, social desires, financial concerns, recreational activities, educational opportunities, spiritual growth and well being, and pretty much whatever arises. We are the go between that fights for our Ranchers. We are family to our Ranchers and they are family to us. We may not always like each other, but there is a bond between the Ranchers and between the Ranchers and staff that is not easily found in the world of broad and shallow services.

Triangle Cross Ranch is not big or rich enough to provide for the needs of hundreds, especially when it becomes clear how much we really do for each individual. No, we cannot serve hundreds. But we can serve 10. We can serve 10 with everything we've got, and then we can serve 11. And then we can serve 12.

To be honest, I'd rather walk deeply with 10 than walk broad and shallow with thousands. Only God can truly change the world, but He can use Triangle Cross Ranch to reach the 10 that nobody else can or will.

Do you know Rancher number 11? Send that person to us and we'll walk together.