Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To dribble or not to dribble THAT is the REAL question...

Make each shot count.
Sounds like a philosophical line for life right? Well, it could be, but here at the skills competition in Greeley it is just a reminder to pay attention to where the basketball is in relation to your hand and the basket.

Janice, Marsha, Lewis, Gloria, John and Dan all came home with ribbons, showing us that they are not only wonderful, but VERY capable too. Our Ranchers love Special Olympics events and are currently participating in Swimming, once spring arrives, they will start Bocce, bicycling and tennis. For more photos of Special "O" events visit our Photo Gallery. Way to go crew!! You did it!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We were pleasantly surprised to have a large group of Valentine's show up at the Ranch today. Mrs. Bowness and her 3rd grade class from Galeton Elementary came to visit and brought treats & cards for the Ranchers. We appreciate the love and care these kids have given to our Ranchers in the last 4 years!! Kudos and many hugs!! For more photos of this fun day go to the TCR Photo Gallery.

Windsor Rotary Blog

Windsor Rotary's Blog includes Triangle Cross Ranch. For more information about them and what they wrote click HERE.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The newest creations!!!

Earlier this week our Ranchers starting creating fun things from the felt they made the week before.
I was struck at the wonderful color patterns!! This felt was made out a combination of Alpaca fiber and Mohair from our goats.
I asked Gammi to show me the purse she made and she proudly presented it and said "I did THIS!!" What a great learning experience!!

To view more photos of our Ranchers showing off their creations to to our Felt Projects photo gallery.

They are looking forward to showing off their items at The Moral Fiber show booth at the Goat Extravaganza, April 24-27 at Island Grove Park.

1st Annual Barn Dance

This is my first attempt at loading video, so let's see if it works! This is a short video of our 2007 Harvest Party and Barn Dance. We had just finished shearing goats and it was time to kick up our heels. The Down Home band sang and played for us. What a fantastic time we all had as we celebrated our 1st "harvest"!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Old West Museum

Today the Ranchers and Staff spent the better part of the day in Cheyenne, visiting the Old West Museum. Thy got to meet Ron, a mountain man, who told some amazing Native American tales. Special thanks goes out to the museum employees for making the day so interesting, fun AND educational.

Visit for more information!!

There are more photos of the museum at the TCR photo gallery!!

What NORMAL looks like...

N: Necessary to the community
In addition to being active participants in their own Ranch community, our Ranchers are an important part of their church community as well as local agencies where they volunteer and the Special Olympics team with which they participate. From weekly clean-up of the local town park to playing bingo with the elderly at an assisted living facility and even gleaning for the Weld County Food Bank, the Ranchers of TCR give back and do so often.
O: Oriented to daily life
Our Life Coaches live at the Ranch full-time. They invest time and attention, teaching the Ranchers to live as functional adults. Personal hygiene, doing laundry, completing chores, doing housework, going shopping and managing spending money are all responsibilities through which our Ranchers find success and begin to explore independence. While that level of independence is different for each individual, our Life Coaches are sensitive to their needs and abilities.
R: Realistic in Expectations
Expectations are a part of living. From the time we are born it seems that everyone in our life has expectations of how we are to act and react to the world around us. At Triangle Cross Ranch we expect failure, because we expect our Ranchers to try to do new things, to be bold and grow past the norm. We actually celebrate failure, remembering that it took Edison 10,000 tries before he created the light bulb. Nothing creates more self respect than perseverance and the resulting accomplishment.
M: Moral in Action
Do the right thing! A phrase used by many though not always grasped by those being taught. What does it look like? How do we fix it when we don’t do the right thing? Triangle Cross Ranch believes in a moral compass by the name of Jesus Christ and His actions are an example for our actions and how we treat others. Fairness, compassion, honesty, forgiveness and love are the values we strive for.
A: Ability beyond disabilities
Every person has their strengths and weaknesses. At TCR we like to “play to the strong side”, giving our Ranchers the opportunity to use all the resources available to succeed. Every disability is taken into consideration, sometimes we go around and sometimes we adapt but all the time we move forward.
L: Loved beyond measure
After food and water, a human’s greatest need is to be loved. Being liked for who we are, warts and all, is the longing of every human heart. Our self respect hinges on what others perceive us to be capable of doing and being. TCR likes to go out of its way to make both Staff and Ranchers feel loved and appreciated. Since we believe that every life has value, no matter the ability, love is unconditional, praise is loud and the laughter is contagious.