Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meet the Parents...Uh...Life Coaches

Triangle Cross Ranch operates within a protected community and under a life coach philosophy of care. Our staff members live on the Ranch, creating a family style home for our Ranchers. It's an unusual way to run a facility, but it's the best way to ensure the acceptance, security and self-esteem of our Ranchers. Oh, wait, I think that's our mission!

We are the only facility of our kind in the state of Colorado, and only one of four in the nation. The state disapproves of our model of care because we do not "integrate" our Ranchers into the community at large. Rather, we provide a sheltered environment that allows them to progress at their own rate. They are given the opportunity to live next door to their closest friends and peers and to relate with society on their own terms.

Our model of care is Christ-centered and highly relational. All teaching, training and behavior modification happens within a relationship with care givers who truly care about the Ranchers and are dedicated to pursuing their best interests. Isn't that what God does for us? We don't always succeed in walking out Christ's character, but it only makes us rely on Him more each day.

With that said, here are the heroes who live and work with our Ranchers:

This is Donna. She runs a co-ed house with 2 women upstairs and 3 men downstairs. Donna is our senior life coach. She runs a tight ship and can handle nearly anything thrown her way. She's been at the Ranch for 7 years and says that she'll retire to the Ranch and live out her days here.

Martha and her family have been with us for just less than a year. Martha moved into the house and promptly created close relationships with the 3 women in her house. Martha is the mom that many are missing in their lives and yet has the backbone to hold them accountable for their actions. She's a terrific guide for them and has the patience to talk them through their many emotional ups and downs.

Pauline is the "grandma" who runs our men's house. She has 3 strapping men in her care and she keeps them well in line. Pauline has the patience it takes to help the guys learn to treat women correctly and to treat each other with respect. She provides security, love and consistency--just exactly what they need.

Our Ranchers are learning to pray Colossians 1:9-11 this year. They're praying for our staff, family members, volunteers, donors, board members and for each other. Here is our own version of this scripture:
Colossians 1:9-11

We pray for you every day and ask that your head will be filled with God’s thoughts and God’s ideas.

We ask that your life would be a picture of Jesus and that you would know Jesus better and better every day.

We ask that you would become stronger in the power of the Holy Spirit and that you would be patient as God makes you more like Him.
If you're reading this today, we will be praying for you, too. God's best to all of you!!