Monday, April 16, 2012

From the mouths of Ranchers...

Our Ranchers are wonderful people who are allowed to have their say and are encouraged to do so. In the process, they say some of the most remarkable things--meaningful, hysterically funny, poignant, revealing.
It would be a sad thing to be unable to share the things our Ranchers talk about simply because some may view the sharing as politically incorrect. We love our Ranchers and take great pleasure and pride in sharing their points of view, their observations and their ideas.
Therefore, in the interest of knowing our people better, we will be sharing some quotes on a semi-regular basis. You will laugh, you will cry and you will know us better than ever before. If you've become part of our "family", you will share in the sense of enjoyment and pride as you read.
Overheard in the House of Four Wise Men...
"I'm not crying....It's just my eyes...I AM a boy, you know."
"The doctor told me to keep my arms. He said it would help."
Overheard in the TCR office:
"I'll always talk to you, even when I'm mad at you. That's what friends do."
More to come, so stay tuned.