Saturday, May 3, 2008

Planting and Shearing Day

Planting & Shearing Day
Saturday, May 17 ~ 8:30 am -5 pm

Come join us for a day of fun volunteer opportunities

Planting flowers
Prepping the Garden
Shearing the Alpacas & Goats
Feeding Baby Goats
See felting demonstrations

Lunch included for volunteers.
Call the TCR Office at 970.454.2219 to RSVP!!


The Ranchers have been very excited about the Goat Extravaganza. It is the first time the Ranchers were able to enjoy watching people touch and buy the items they have made with the goat & alpaca fleece.
Gloria was anxious to demonstrate some dry felting.

Marsha's mom, Mary came to help and is proud to show the beautiful purses and items her daughter & the other Ranchers have made.

Later during the show Donna
Gustafson is shown teaching Gammy the wonderful art of crocheting.

The Ranchers smiles tell all. It looks like a fun future for the Ranchers at Triangle Cross Ranch. They are hoping to be involved in other shows as well as Farmers Markets. We will keep you posted.. For more photos of the Goat Extravaganza go to the TCR Photo Gallery!!

Donna B

Jay's Posse

On Thursday, April 25th , the ranchers and I started the morning by mending, repairing and cleaning out Jayar and Kizee’s corral in anticipation of the Triangle Cross Ranch’s first equine therapy program. Donna G has graciously volunteered her time, experience and knowledge and started teaching the ranchers and I what we need to know about these two amazing horses that we care so much for.

We started by learning how to properly bridle, brush and groom each horse and also learned how to communicate with them. We also learned the proper saddle techniques that are essential in making the horse and rider comfortable. Donna G. showed us how to properly mount and sit on the horse. I was privileged to be the first one to ride Jayar. Then the ranchers got their chance.

The true blessing was watching three of our ranchers flawlessly and courageously take their turn and get on one of the horses and take their ride around the corral. The grins and smiles and laughter were truly a gift to witness. We are extremely excited about our program and our ranchers look forward to our weekly sessions with Donna G and myself. Stay tuned for further updates, photos and opportunities to come out to the ranch and join us.


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