Monday, May 18, 2009

May Rancher of the Month

This is Alex.*** He is a wonderfully energetic young man who comes to us from Kentucky. Alex has been at the Ranch for nearly a year and the adjustment has been a challenge for him. As of today, he's ever so proud to call Triangle Cross Ranch "my Ranch" and to name all of his friends.
Friends are important to Alex. He left behind a long list of close friends in Kentucky to live closer to his family. As he continues to settle and adjust, Alex finds himself more and more in demand with the other Ranchers. This pleases him to no end.

Alex loves to work. He's all about work and being busy. Unlike some, Alex loves to work in the gardens, help with the horses and alpacas and help the staff with grounds keeping. He also delights in helping get the evening meal ready and serving others. His heart is truly a servant's heart. The only thing he hates to do--with a passion, I might add--is housework.
Alex also loves to be praised for his efforts--don't we all? He thrives on nearly any kind word directed his way. Alex also likes keys, as they are symbols of power to him. His favorite reward for adult behavior is a key to carry on his ever expanding ring. None of his keys open a single lock, but that's not really a concern to him. He loves the sound of them jingling against his leg as he walks around the property. He loves to feel their smooth and rough parts and see them reflect the light. Mostly, he loves to compare the number of keys he carries to the keys his life coach carries. It makes Alex feel important to be trusted with so many keys.

Alex will trade in some of his keys for a cell phone in the near future. This is another symbol of power and an enormous reward for long term adult behavior. While there will be no service on the phone, he enjoys "talking" to his family and friends throughout the day. This will make his weekly phone call from his parents even more special as he'll have a chance to think through and practice his conversations.

Speaking is difficult for Alex, but he uses sign language and is able to use enough words to make his thoughts and opinions known. And he has LOTS to say!! His favorite things to talk about are his family, his friends, and the projects he wants to see in the future. He has more ideas than one young man should have room for inside of him--a large gymnasium, a giant red score board, a swimming pool, a riding arena, a new office building, lots of new Ranchers, concerts, baseball games--the list grows weekly.

Music moves Alex outside of himself. He's one of God's true praisers, conducting the earthly and heavenly choir with gusto whenever there is live music. He uses a white baton to conduct and does so without a moment's thought--it's just part and parcel of his perfect spirit. Alex reminds us that even though our Ranchers may not reflect perfection on the outside, their spirits are completely intact and completely perfect. Their child like souls demonstrate the things that make children so endearing and disarming--enthusiasm, imagination, trust, love without conditions and implicit faith. Thank you Alex, for helping us to become as little children, which pleases our Father enormously.

**Triangle Cross Ranch does not use our Ranchers' real names in our public posts.