Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Rancher of the Month

Meet Laura!* She's our March Rancher of the Month. Laura is non-verbal, but she communicates better than most. She's been a Rancher for 14 years and never wants to live anywhere else.

Laura loves music and dancing. She sings long and loudly when given the chance and freeform dances until she drops--literally--whenever there is lively music. Laura is full of life and loves to tease. She uses sign language on occasion to get her message across, but her facial expressions say more than any sign language could.

Laura is in charge of the house dog, Tasha. She feeds her, walks, her, cleans up after her and watches out for her safety. She does an amazing job at it and Tasha loves her and trusts her. Laura also has a pet bunny that receives exemplary care. She takes care of her bunny all by herself and never needs help with this task.

Laura's room is organized and clean nearly all the time because it's very important to her--it's part of her routine and she thrives within her routine. She has pictures of horses, wolves and eagles on her walls. Her favorite movies are westerns that feature John Wayne, Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger.

Laura loves gentle hugs, tickling and laughing, cuddles, and hand holding. She's an unrepentant tease, reveling in giving the staff a gentle poke in a ticklish spot, then running away and laughing at their surprised reaction.

Laura hasn't always been as relaxed and secure as she is today. She's had her share of stressful times and bouts with temper tantrums and such, but the Ranch has become her home and it's a good fit for her. The longer she lives at the Ranch, the happier she is. In fact, the longer we have Laura with us, the happier we are, too! She is a pearl of great price and a treasure to all of us here.

...bursting with abilities, capabilities and possibilities...!

*Triangle Cross Ranch does not use our Ranchers' real names in our public posts.