Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Rancher of the Month

This is April*. She comes to us from a home in the southern United States by way of her family ranch in Nebraska. April is an outdoors kind of girl who loves animals, bugs, snakes, dirt, rocks and anything else from nature. She is a kind and gentle person who needs lots of hugs--on her own terms only--and understanding from her house parent and friends.

April likes to collect things and has, in the past, hidden her collection quite cleverly. Recently, however, she has created a display in her room of the things she has collected and is very pleased with the outcome. Her house parent is very pleased as well.

April is extremely creative. She makes up songs on the spur of the moment and has an amazing sense of color and design. In our fiber workshop, she makes hand made felt and blends surprising colors together that make for beautiful patterns. She also quite accomplished at needle work of any kind.

She likes to work in the garden and will work from begininning to end at any task she is set to. Pulling weeds is her summer project and she enjoys being responsible for keeping the flower beds around her house clean.

April is happiest when she can walk out on the Ranch and talk to the animals in the pastures. They come to her readily because she is so gentle with them and has a special ability to calm them and earn their trust. We call her "The Goat Whisperer."
April is good company. She likes to talk and joke while riding along to appointments and shopping. She doesn't ask for much and is very easy to please, which makes her even easier to spend time with. Mostly, April wants friends and caregivers that will take the time to earn her trust and will stay in her life a long time.

We're pleased to call April our friend. She is absolutely...

...bursting with abilities, capabilities and possibilities!!!

**Triangle Cross Ranch does not use Ranchers' real names in our public posts.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Folk Camp Highlights

We held our first Folk Camp this fall with the theme of "getting to know our pioneer roots." Our new activities director, Randee, put it all together. The Ranchers participated in candle dipping, weaving, quilting, making butter, milking goats, square dancing and a host of folk crafts, games and activities.

Camp fires, singing around the fire, hobo dinners and storytelling topped off each evening. Camp ended with a good old fashioned pot luck supper and barn dance. Mike Heroy, of Dry Creek Band, and Ron Camerrer, of the Gospel Bluegrass Jam Group, were the musical heroes of the night.

It was a full week and the Ranchers are happy to go back to the regular schedule, including plenty of time to rest.

Randee and Hannah, our camp coordinator and photographer---AND energetic life coaches!

And finally, our very pretty little visitor.
Come on out and visit us anytime. We're always glad to see you.